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Donate to The Bridge Center

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All individuals deserve the right to be cared for, nurtured and given the opportunity to reach their potential. Consider how your dollar can benefit children, teens and adults at The Bridge Center.

Help The Bridge Center to continue providing a safe, nurturing environment that empowers participants to acquire meaningful skills and push their boundaries while having fun.

There are several ways to support The Bridge Center as a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization.

Please consider:
  • General Support
  • Sponsor a Horse
  • Honorariums
  • In-Kind Gifts
  • Fundraising Events

General Support
Donations made to General Support are used where they are needed most. This could be supplies for the art room, camp scholarship for family in need, or simply to help ensure we keep a clean and safe facility in top notch condition. Additionally, The Bridge Center has several opportunities for targeted contributions for program operation, equine health & maintenance, and individual scholarship through Fund-A-Program, Fund-A-Horse, and Fund-A-Camper campaigns.

Sponsor a Horse

The Sponsor a Horse Campaign gives all friends, families, and supporters of The Bridge Center’s Equine Assisted Programs the chance to help show the herd of horses here at TBC just how much we all appreciate what they do year after year, month after month, and day after day. It isn’t easy to ignore how much of an impact these horses have on us all, from bringing us to laughter from their goofy antics and big personalities, or by bringing us to tears by watching them time and time again be patient and understanding for our participants and volunteers, or by just watching the smiles of our riders when they get to trot for the first time or finally master the ability to steer their horse on their own.

When all is said and done the cost of caring for these amazing teachers and friends are quite costly. On average, each horse costs approximately $4,500 a year or $400 a month! Our horse friends may seem sturdy and hardy on the outside but on the inside they are delicate animals that require routine veterinarian, farrier, and floating care on top of their daily requirements of grain, hay, water, supplements and vitamins to keep them fit and healthy for their special job.

Please consider taking part in this amazing opportunity to give back to our remarkable herd of therapy horses by clicking the link provided below:
Click Here

In-Kind Gifts
In-Kind Gifts come in many forms and are always welcomed, including:
  • Cars or passenger vans
  • Sports equipment
  • Saddles and tack
  • Building materials
  • Computer equipment
  • Marketing and advertising services
  • Printing
  • Photography
  • Construction services
  • Technical assistance

Our Wish List
If you would like to donate a specific item, please check out our current Wish List.

Trying to decide what to give someone who has almost everything? Wanting to pay tribute to someone who valued the work of The Bridge Center during his or her lifetime, or whose life was changed for the better by The Bridge Center? Show your appreciation with an honorarium contribution to The Bridge Center. Your contribution will be acknowledged with a gift card, honoring the person or family for their commitment to individuals with special needs.

Fundraising Events
Don’t miss The Bridge Center’s annual fundraising events that provide critical support for program development and operation. The Bridge Center relies solely on the generosity of corporations, foundations and private donations to carry out its mission. Here are just a few of the fun and exciting fundraising activities:

  • Lenny’s Club
  • Comedy for Kids
  • The Bridge Center Golf Classic
  • The Bridge Center Wine & Cheese Tasting

For assistance with any donation or to learn more about our fundraising events, please call (508) 697-7557 or email info@TheBridgeCtr.org.
The Bridge Center was the perfect fit for Nick and the work you all do is just amazing. A big thank you to everyone for all their efforts, warmth, kindness and genuine caring. Find the perfect fit for Nick was so important for me and I knew we made the right choice from very early on. We look forward to seeing everyone in the coming months for a Saturday program.

- Nick's Mom