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Equine Assisted Programs

Hello Riding Families,

With the end of our summer session in sight, the riding center staff is excitedly gearing up for another great fall session of riding programs. As the fall session quickly approaches, there are a few changes we are putting in place in order to run our programs more smoothly and accommodate a greater number of riders per session.

Previously, we have offered an every-other-week option for riding center lessons in order to accommodate families who would prefer not to enroll in the full fifteen weeks of the fall session. This fall, however, we are exchanging the every-other-week option for splitting the fall into two sessions:
Session I (September 12th – October 29) and Session II (November 6 – December 23rd).

Each session will have a similarly smaller financial and time commitment as the every-other-week option, but with the added benefit of riders learning skills more consistently with weekly as opposed to twice-monthly lessons. Riders can sign up for either session individually or both sessions to maximize the fun! It is our hope that through this change, we will not only be able to accommodate additional riders in our programs, but that our current every-other-week riders will find that this change simplifies and streamlines the scheduling process.

When registering for fall riding programs on camp minder, please do the following:

• If you would like to ride for half the fall session, please select EITHER session I or session II. Selecting one session will be the equivalent to every-other-week riding.
• If you would like to ride for the entire fall session, please select BOTH session I and session II.

Should you have any questions or concerns, please contact me and I will be happy to help. We look forward to having you ride with us!


Caitlin Chlosta, Riding Center Director
508-697-7557, ext. 11

*In the event that your child is not able to attend any of the programs, or expect a delay arrival, please call The Bridge Center's cancellation line at 508-697-7557 ext. 14 and leave a message.

Enjoy this wonderful video made by Comcast - describing the benefits of Equine Assisted Therapy. Comcast Cares Video of The Bridge Center

Payment and Refund Policies

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We are hoping to try Adam out at a “regular’ camp next summer thanks to learning all the skills he did at The Bridge Center! We couldn’t love The Bridge Center more and feel that your camp changed our family’s lives.
- Adam's Family