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Equine Assisted Programs

Hello Riding Families,

With our fall session II and the winter season both quickly approaching, I wanted to take this time to update you on the happenings here at the riding center and changes in our riding schedules for this upcoming year.

As you know, The Bridge Center has had a handful of trustworthy and reliable horses as part of our herd for many, many, years. These horses have spent most of their adult life at The Bridge Center and have worked hard day in and day out, providing therapeutic riding lessons to our participants and campers. Over the summer, we successfully retired Casey, Banner, and Colin, three of our oldest herd members. Unfortunately, we are in a similar situation this fall, where the riding center team, along with our veterinarian, has determined that Oreo, Ali, Frosty, and Finn have reached their need for retirement sooner than we anticipated. Due to their age and some unforeseen health conditions that are unfortunately common in older horses, Oreo, Ali, Frosty, and Finn will be retiring at the end of fall session I.

As many of you know, horses, like children, can have unpredictable changes in their health. While we have had plans in place to retire these four horses within the next two years, these unexpected changes have led us to decide upon early retirement, as their health and happiness is of the utmost importance to us. The owners of these four horses wish to take them home where they can provide them with loving and caring retirement homes to thank them for all their hard work over the years, bringing joy to the participants and campers here at The Bridge Center.

Please know that none of these decisions were made without the careful consideration of the health and safety of our horses, as well as our riders, families, and volunteers who work so closely with them. Finn will be with us for the next 6-8 weeks, before departing for his retirement home, so if you would like to come by and visit with him, please feel free to do so.

The riding center staff and I are working diligently to find new members for our herd as quickly and safely as possible. Until we are able to do so, we will be unfortunately be forced to decrease the number of rides offered in the upcoming fall II and winter I & II sessions. It is our hope that we will have one or two new horses in the program by the spring session of 2017, allowing us to welcome back many of our riders whom we have been unable to serve during this transitional time.

We understand that this is a difficult adjustment for riders and families who have been working with these horses and riding in our programs for a number of years. We appreciate your patience and understanding during this transitional period and ask that you contact us with any questions or concerns you may have.


Caitlin Chlosta, Riding Center Director
508-697-7557, ext. 11

*In the event that your child is not able to attend any of the programs, or expect a delay arrival, please call The Bridge Center's cancellation line at 508-697-7557 ext. 14 and leave a message.

Enjoy this wonderful video made by Comcast - describing the benefits of Equine Assisted Therapy. Comcast Cares Video of The Bridge Center

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Loved the fishing/boasting activities! Having the puppies and animals there for the kids was a nice touch. I have to admit the concept of archery scared me! The family day at the end was awesome.
- Summer Camper parent