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EXPRESSIVE PROGRAMS - Music Therapy for Adults

We all seek meaningful relationships and opportunities for growth and progress in our lives. Adults with developmental disabilities or mental health concerns also desire and deserve a chance to express themselves and be heard and understood. Through therapeutic music making, adults with unique needs can explore musically in a safe and therapeutic environment. In group music therapy for adults, the music and the music therapist create a safe space for exploring one's potential, strengths and needs. Through structured music making, improvisation, songwriting, or lyric analysis, a musical journey begins that can lead to increased self-confidence, improved leisure skills and satisfying relationships with others.
Length:3 weeks - 1:30pm - 2:15pm
Location:TBC Music Room - Lenny's Place
Age Group:22+ years old
Next Session:Mondays

Winter Session
January 15, January 29th & February 12, 2018
Policies:Minimum of 6 participants needed

Music Therapist: Alison Albino, MT-BC of Roman Music Therapy Services