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SPORTS & FITNESS - Pretzel Kids Yoga

So what, exactly, is Pretzel KidsĀ®? To kids, we're fun, fun, fun! To parents, we are the answer to helping your children stay physically fit and deal more effectively with the pressures of school and peers. We're all that and more..... this proven curriculum and fun yoga program incorporates traditional yoga postures with imaginative yoga games and relaxation techniques. All told: children laugh, learn, exercise, breathe, and relax. Better yet, they leave our classes with big SMILES on their faces......Let's all say OM to that
Cost:$144.00 per session 2
Length:4-10 yrs old: 4:30pm - 5:15pm
11-16 yrs old: 5:30pm - 6:15pm
Location:The Bridge Center
Age Group:4 - 10 years old
11 - 16 years old
Next Session:Spring Session 2
April 24 - June 12, 2018