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Equine Eagala Sessions

Are you looking for an interactive and engaging therapeutic experience, beyond traditional talk therapy? Come, join the herd for an Eagala session and discover insights through doing. Veterans, trauma survivors, youth with emotional challenges and anxieties, and others have found solutions and life lessons through the Eagala Model.

The Bridge Center is offering both equine-assisted learning and equine-assisted psychotherapy sessions for children, teens, and adults. Eagala sessions are directed by a licensed, credentialed Mental Health Professional and a credentialed Equine Specialist. All sessions happen on the ground and are entirely unmounted.

Eagala is an experiential model of therapy where the client is given the space to actively find their own solutions to their problems and apply them in a safe, low-risk environment. Horses, objects, and situations in the arena become symbols for the client’s life experience. The client engages with these symbols and finds unique answers to life’s questions. Clients work with a group of horses during the sessions and the horses respond to each client’s nonverbal behavior. As prey animals, horses are masters of nonverbal communication. Horses instinctually respond to the client’s body language and allow the client to interact with a physical representation of how they are feeling.

Eagala is a great option for people who learn best by doing! As an experiential model, clients physically work with and experience the symbols they create in the arena. Most of the work done in Eagala sessions is nonverbal and happens internally.

Eagala sessions take place in a private arena with the horses. All sessions are completely confidential and are directed by a team certified in Eagala work. Each team consists of a licensed, credentialed mental health specialist and a credentialed equine specialist to ensure mental and physical safety.

Learn more about the Eagala Model at www.eagala.org.

Please contact Amanda Taylor at ataylor@thebridgectr.org for more information and to schedule your session.

Cost:Session rates are:
$200 (Individual Session)
$250 (Couple’s Session)
$75 per person (Group/Family Session, 3-person minimum).
Next Session:Please contact the Riding Center for more information.

Trish Gosselin: 508-697-7557 ext: 14

Amanda Taylor: ataylor@thebridgectr.org
Policies:Payment is due the day of the session.

If a client wishes to pay by insurance, they must prepay TBC and are responsible for obtaining reimbursement through their private health insurance.

The Bridge Center will not be responsible for billing insurance.

All Classes must be scheduled directly with our Riding Staff.

This program is NOT in Camp Minder.